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Web Volume 1, Issue 1
August 12, 2020

Politics Article Excerpts

When one thinks about the shaping of our nation in the 1700 and 1800's it is impossible to intelligently discuss this period without including the contributions African-American politicians made to our country's political foundation. Imagine that time, if you will, the country was still recovering from the War for Independence, the Civil War, the divisive abolishment of slavery and the problems endemic with a young country's growth. During these years, African-Americans played an important role in shaping our country's values and ideology. African-American politicians helped pass legislation that continues to contribute to the wellbeing of all Americans to this day. Many African-Americans held elected offices ranging from state legislatures to judges to United States Congressman to members of the United States Senate. That legacy of service to one's country continues today with many prominent positions held by African-Americans; State senators and legislators, United States Congressmen and Senators and a Supreme Court Justice.

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